Wiseguides Fishing 100% Pacific Northwest Guided Steelhead Fly Fishing.

Our start

I guess what I really mean by “our” start is my start. Hello, my name is James Wise and I’m the owner of Wiseguides. I’m from Vancouver Washington and have been fishing and running white water in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska my entire life. I feel super lucky to have grown up here and I’m proud to be part of the Pacific Northwest’s fishing community.

How I became a guide

For my dad’s birthday in 2010 I scheduled an over night trip on the Yakima river with the Evening Hatch for the two of us. He had such a marvelous time that about two months later we found ourselves fishing from our new drift boat. I had been running rivers by raft or kayak since I was a teenager and had the space to store the boat. For all practicable purposes my guiding career had begun. Thanks Dad.

Guiding principals

The number one rule at Wiseguides is be safe and have fun. The second rule is to conserve and respect the environment and the Steelhead that we anglers try so hard to locate and bring to hand. With this in mind we don’t fish bait which can kill a fish if it’s hooked in the tongue or throat. We know it’s easier to catch fish with bait but does anyone really want to possibly kill a wild Steelhead with so few left? In the spirit and necessity of conservation, we adhere to a strict catch and release policy for all native Steelhead. Hatchery fish will be kept if appropriate.

About the Owner’s Experience

I know how to fish and I know how to fish well. I prefer a fly rod but a spinning rod has its place. I have taught numerous guests and clients how to fish. I guide for trout, steelhead and salmon either by wading or from boat or raft throughout Oregon, Washington and Alaska. I am a Coast Guard Certified Captain and have my OUPV license. I am First Aid & CPR certified. My boating experience includes running jet boats, frame rafts, drift boats, whitewater and sea kayaks. I regularly run rapids up to class IV.

I am an avid outdoors-man and worked as a Professional Ski Patroller at Timberline Lodge on Mt Hood for five years. I was certified both as an Emergency Medical Technician and an Outdoor Emergency Care Technician. I have also worked construction where I built houses and have worked as a Commercial Fisherman on a salmon seiner off of Kodiak Island. I have extensive customer service experience and was a Financial Advisor and a College Career Counselor. While working for Clackamas Community College I taught students in both English and Spanish and have worked with people of all ages, cultures, and socioeconomic back grounds.

Since 2016 I’ve been a year round full time fishing guide. In the Fall and Winter I guide for myself and freelance with The Evening Hatch. June through the end of September are spent guiding near Bristol Bay at Tikchik Narrows Lodge in Southwest Alaska. Once I get back I start guiding again on the Klickitat. And so it goes.

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