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Olympic Peninsula Fishing

Steelhead fishing on the Olympic Peninsula is world famous and a dream of many who consider themselves to be steelhead aficionados. Some of the largest wild steelhead in the world inhabit these waters that are only a few miles from the Pacific ocean. The natural beauty of these rivers is stunning, with lush rain forest vegetation, clear water, and abundant wildlife. The location is wild and remote. This is as far northwest as you can get in the lower 48. We fish the Hoh, Sol Duc and Bogachiel. The river we fish for the day is determined by rainfall and river conditions. Generally there is at least one river in shape. These rivers offer a variety of water types, from deep pools and long runs to shallow riffles and tailouts.

Bogachiel River

The Bogachiel River is a river located in the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state. It is approximately 60 miles long and flows from the Olympic Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. The river is known for its runs of winter steelhead and also offers good fishing for salmon and cutthroat trout. The upper reaches of the river are surrounded by temperate rainforest and provide a beautiful backdrop for anglers. The lower reaches of the river are more open, with a mix of forest and agricultural land.


The Hoh river is one of the most iconic steelhead fishing destinations in the world. Located on the
Olympic Peninsula of Washington state, the river flows through a pristine rainforest that is home to diverse wildlife and ancient trees. The Hoh river offers anglers the opportunity to swing flies for wild steelhead that can reach over 20 pounds. The Hoh river is known for its natural beauty and scenic views, as well as its rich history and culture. The river is sacred to the Hoh tribe, who have lived along its banks for thousands of years. The Hoh river is a place where anglers can experience the thrill of steelhead fishing while enjoying the beauty and tranquility of nature. It is by far my favorite river to swing for steelhead. Any steelheader who has not fished the Hoh owes it to themselves to make the pilgrimage.

January through the end of February

Sol Duc

The Sol Duc river is a scenic and wild river known for its lush rainforest, cascading waterfalls, and abundant wildlife. The river is characterized by its boulder strewn rapids that make for an exciting drift but can hinder anglers hoping to swing flies to elusive winter steelhead. There are some good runs for swinging but far fewer than the Hoh or the Bogachiel. There is a hatchery on the Sol Duc so there are a mix of wild and hatchery fish. Winter steelhead fishing on the Sol Duc river is challenging but rewarding, as these fish are strong, acrobatic, and often large.

January through the end of February

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