Wiseguides Fishing 100% Pacific Northwest Guided Steelhead Fly Fishing.

Fishing Program

If you want to chase Steelhead then Vancouver Washington continues to be one of your best choices in the Pacific North West for it. Here at Wiseguides: All we do is Steelhead. Within 45 minutes we can fish six different local rivers and in an hour and a half we have access to fisheries on the east side of the Cascades and the North Oregon Coast. Forks Washington on the Olympic Peninsula is 4 hours away. Because of the large number of rivers we have access to there is always a run happening somewhere.

Our Program

From mist shrouded coastal rain forest to arid canyon and oak savanna the rivers we fish vary in size and temperament. Some are best fished with heavy sink tips and intruder style patterns, others by swinging smaller flies under a floating line. Still others are more suited to a spinning rod with traditional bobber and jig or spoons.

The number one rule at Wiseguides is be safe and have fun. The second rule is to conserve and respect the environment and the Steelhead that we anglers try so hard to locate and bring to hand. With this in mind we don’t fish bait which can kill a fish if it’s hooked in the tongue or throat. We know it’s easier to catch fish with bait but does anyone really want to possibly kill a wild Steelhead with so few left?
In the spirit and necessity of conservation, we adhere to a strict catch and release policy for all native Steelhead. Hatchery fish will be kept if appropriate.

Water Craft

You will be fishing from either an 14′ Odyssey fishing raft or 16′ Hyde drift boat. The craft we choose depends on the river we are going to fish that day. Both are very comfortable. Drift boats can feel a bit roomier and offer a hard floor to stand on. They can be a little harder to get in and out. Both the raft and drift boat have thigh braces. I like to use the raft when fishing for Steelhead on rockier rivers. The raft is exceptionally quiet and makes a stealthy approach much easier.

Your Safety

Your safety is our top concern. Our guides have decades of experience navigating whitewater and are current on their First Aid and CPR certifications. Each angler will be provided with a Personal Flotation Device and signal whistle. Each water craft has a throw bag, First Aid kit and the all important “Fall in Bag.” This bag has full change of clothes and other essentials so if someone does get wet they will be able to fish comfortably for the remainder of the day.

Rods & Reels

The rods we use are made by Echo, Orvis, Redington and Sage . They are 7wt and 8wt single hand or two hand rods. Rod lengths vary from 9′ to 13′. The reels we use are from Hatch, Lamson, Ross and Sage. Most anglers prefer to bring their own Spey rod setup and simply use our single hand rods to fish between swing runs.

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