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North Oregon Coast River Fishing

Oregon’s North Coast is renowned for its steelhead fishing. This region, like the Olympic Peninsula, is a temperate rain forest with numerous rivers to fish. However, we fish just two: the North Fork Nehalem and the Main Stem Nehalem. Like the OP the fish here are big and mostly wild. The swing runs are fantastic and we are only miles from the Pacific so the fish are bright and hard fighting. Oregon’s North Coast is only an hour and a half drive from the Vancouver/Portland area. Although close to a major population center once there you feel removed from civilization and can concentrate on bringing that elusive “big buck” to hand.

North Fork Nehalem

Located on the Oregon’s famed North Coast the North Fork Nehalem River is known for its scenic beauty and runs of steelhead. Starting from the hatchery, anglers can access the river and its deep pools and fast runs. Steelhead fishing techniques include fly fishing, spin casting, and drift fishing. The river’s steelhead runs are considered some of the best in the region, with fish averaging around 8 to 12 pounds and some weighing as much as 20 pounds. Anglers will find themselves immersed in a pristine wilderness setting with the opportunity to catch some of the most sought-after game fish in the Pacific North West.

January through the end of March

Main Stem Nehalem

The main stem is one of Oregon’s longest free flowing coastal rivers without a hatchery. The steelhead of the Nehalem and it’s tributary the Salmon Berry are all wild fish. That’s what makes this such a remarkable fishery. The scenery here is what you would expect from a temperate rain forest on the Oregon coast. Tall Doug fir and maple covered by sphagnum moss that almost seems to glow green. This can be a wet part of the world and you might feel like you are up on the OP but there are days when it all comes together. Rain or shine these fish are big and wild.

January through the end of March

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